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Welcome to ADACX!

What is ADACX?

ADACX is a plug-in for BricsCAD and is built to do one thing and to do it well – to create ADAC XML data from CAD drawings.
Working in a .DWG survey drawing or design drawing, we can identify road pavements, pipes and other assets. We can add road pavement details, pipe sizes and other asset information required by councils. Then we can export an ADAC-compliant XML file for submission to council. (We can also import such valid XML files into an empty drawing to verify their contents).

New to Bricscad?

If your new to Bricscad you may be finding it a bit difficult to 'get around' or take advantage of all the features you may need in your day to day drafting activities.

Fortunately, Bricsys have created their own TV channel page with a swag of video tutorials and articles to get you up to speed quickly.
Well worth a look!

Here's the link -> BricsysTV