Welcome to ADACX!

What is ADACX?

ADACX is a plug-in for BricsCAD and is built to do one thing and to do it well – to create ADAC XML data from CAD drawings.
Working in a .DWG survey drawing or design drawing, we can identify road pavements, pipes and other assets. We can add road pavement details, pipe sizes and other asset information required by councils. Then we can export an ADAC-compliant XML file for submission to council. (We can also import such valid XML files into an empty drawing to verify their contents).

We designed the ADACX feature engine to easily handle future changes to the ADAC schema. We are currently developing for BricsCAD with a possible port to AutoCAD depending on demand. You can download an evaluation version of Bricscad at Bricsys to test our latest release.
In this its first release, ADACX allows us to add feature data to our existing design or as-built geometry. The asset information can then be exported to a validated ADAC xml file.
ADACX forms display all the necessary data fields described in the schema. Optional fields have a check box to enable/disable them.
Any invalid data is shown in red until we get it right. We will be making the validation and error reporting more user friendly in future updates.

Movie Demo's

Editing ADAC Xml Demo
Editing Lots Demo

Is ADACX data Valid?

Most of our code and user interface is created automatically from the ADAC V4.1 schema.
This means that ADACX doesn't allow us to enter invalid data. It cannot create invalid XML files. ADACX cannot import invalid XML files

Is it Affordable?

ADACX runs as a plug-in to BricsCAD. All the data is contained in a standard .dwg drawing.
Both BricsCAD and ADACX aim for high functionality at an affordable price.
ADACX will be available as an annual subscription only at AUD$600.00 + gst.
We believe this to be a very affordable offer that has tax benefits for the end user and allows us to add new features and keep things up to date as the schema changes and develops.

Is it Ready?

At present we can already read and write validated XML files.
We currently do not support some 'nice to have' features such as labeling and other drawing presentation and convenience tools but that won't stop us from producing valid xml.
Improved features are coming, but first we need to make sure the basic reading and writing of XML data satisfies user requirements.
We have a discussion forum where you can discuss ADAC, ADACX's features and industry news.
We have a new Support Ticket system where you can log bug reports and feature requests and we will do our best to implement these features and fix bugs as soon as possible.
We're here to work for you so let us know what you need.

Movie Demo's

Editing ADAC Xml Demo
Editing Lots Demo

Looking forward to working with you,
-- The ADACX team.