Adding an Area Asset

Land Parcels, Pavements, Easements, Outdoor activity areas etc should be drawn using a Closed Polyline.

1. Draw the area (PLINE command). In the Properties bar, make sure the polyline is CLOSED
2. In 'Select ADAC feature to create' select a feature, eg Cadastre_lot.
3. Fill in the details. Tick boxes allow us to add optional data. Items without tick boxes are mandatory.
4. Invalid numerical values are shown in red, eg Pipe diameter cannot be zero.
5. When ready, press 'Insert/Create New Feature'
6. Select the polyline(s) representing the area. Right-Click to finish selecting

The polyline is encapsulated into a BLOCK. If you have used the ADAC Feature Layers, the block is moved to the appropriate layer and should change color. The ADAC data is stored in the drawing for the new BLOCK entity. The new ADAC feature is added to the 'Drawings ADAC Features' tree control.