Import XML

ADACX can import an ADAC XML file. Each version of ADACX is based on a corresponding version of the ADAC XSD ('Schema'). Eg ADACX4.1.x.x is based on ADAC_V410.xsd. It can only read and write 100% valid XML files according to that schema. If any part of the file does not conform to the schema, the import will fail.

1. In a new drawing, launch ADACX, then from the 'ADACX Tools' menu, press 'Add ADAC Feature Layers'. This just adds layers to the current drawing - one layer per feature type.
2. From the 'File' menu, press 'Import ADAC XML file into current drawing'

The asset geometry is created in the cad drawing, and is tagged with all the asset data. Now we can add new assets, edit of delete existing assets.

NOTE in ADACX, there is no drawing annotation. Placards with text for eg street names, pipe sizes, lot numbers etc will be available in future releases.