ADACX V15 is available (priority!)

Hi All,
Due to some great feedback from our users and the varying set ups of the receiving entities we have come across a few bugs and limitations of ADACX.
As a result we've done quite a bit of work to resolve these issues and get back up to speed.

There are some brief comments on the ADACX download page for this latest PRIORITY release -

Basically we've added more precise filtering of selected CAD entities that make up an ADAC feature to prevent unusual results when reading back in an xml file for review.
For example - a sub soil drain does not allow curved segments so if it did contain these prior to export to xml, when importing into a drawing these curves will be straightened.
This will no longer be an issue.

Another important change is to our geometry engine. Previously we were recording circular arc entities and these were validated and accepted by the schema engine.
It was brought to our attention that some of the arc segments were being recorded with the wrong start and end points.
We have re-written the geometry engine to fix this problem and as a nice side effect it has improved performance.

We highly recommend you update to the latest version as there are many other minor fixes and subtle improvements.
There have been some issues with older drawings with later versions of ADACX, this version will silently fix any of these but if you do have any issues please contact us and we'll promptly address your problem.

ADAC Schema update - V4.2.0 has been released.
The IPWEAQ has just released an updated schema for ADAC. While it may take some time for councils to implement the updates we will be working on it asap so you will be ready when you need it.
Stay tuned!

-- The ADACX Team