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ADACX Update

Hi All,

Just a quick update, version is available from the downloads page ->

A couple of small fixes and updated default input for Coordinate System settings Logan council were having trouble processing. Also added the missing "IsApproximate" field to that form also.

V5 ADAC implementation is due any day now and we hope to have the Report Tool updated for use with user defined styles, stay tuned!

-- The ADACX Team

ADACX For AutoCAD Update!

Critical Fixes for AutoCAD Version
We've had a bit of a battle with the new AutoCAD version of ADACX but we've finally got a handle on the issues and have now released a new version with some critical fixes.
Both the Bricscad and AutoCAD version are now in sync code wise so both work identically on each platform.
If you previously tried the AutoCAD version and had issues, please download the latest version and give it a go and feel free to send us any feedback, we'd like to hear from you.

ADACX - ADAC4.2 schema now available

Hi All,

A new major release that includes both the ADAC4.1 and 4.2 schemas is available for download on the downloads page.

Note that there are some changes to the ADACX user interface tools to enable both versions and there is a pdf file bundled with the installer and you can read about it at the following link:

Priority update V4.1.1.9

A new priority release of ADACX is available for download at

- the geometry xml of moved objects was not being updated on export
- update feature was not working on some features
- minor bug fixes

We are aware of a few issues with the tree view and dialog in general that we are working on at the moment.
We will be updating the zoom to feature tool to have a toggle on/off to be automatic.

ADACX Priority Update V4.1.1.7

The current updated release of ADACX is now available at our site -

This is a priority update and it is highly recommended you update as soon as possible.

We have updated the entity selection filter for creating features to include 3D polylines for basic things like Connections and more complicated features with actual elevations at points.
This will enable us in the near future to automatically fill fields for data such as length and elevations of levels etc.

ADACX V15 is available (priority!)

Hi All,
Due to some great feedback from our users and the varying set ups of the receiving entities we have come across a few bugs and limitations of ADACX.
As a result we've done quite a bit of work to resolve these issues and get back up to speed.

There are some brief comments on the ADACX download page for this latest PRIORITY release -

Update Version

This version fixes a bug when updating feature data that was causing an exception.

We've also added a more user friendly zoom control, you now have control of when and how to zoom to feature objects.

From now on we will be uploading both the full installer for new installations of ADACX and simple Update patches for existing installations with each update.
So if you have already installed ADACX, just choose the 'Update' file which simply updates the necessary files rather than a full install.