ADACX Priority Update V4.1.1.7

The current updated release of ADACX is now available at our site -

This is a priority update and it is highly recommended you update as soon as possible.

We have updated the entity selection filter for creating features to include 3D polylines for basic things like Connections and more complicated features with actual elevations at points.
This will enable us in the near future to automatically fill fields for data such as length and elevations of levels etc.

We have also added an automatic Survey_SpotHeight creation tool which will save you a lot of time with potentially hundreds of spot heights to record.

To use the new Spot Height tool you will need a CSV file containing the list of points with their ids in the following format:

id, x, y, z

being for the spot height identification number or name, the 'x' coordinate value, the 'y' coordinate value and the 'z' coordinate values respectively.
Note that there should not be any 'heading' row at the start of the file.
Once you have a CSV file you can go to the ADACX menu and go to ADACX Tools -> Add Spot Heights from CSV File.
You will be prompted for the CSV file and the spot heights will be generated in the drawing with valid ADAC data attached.

If your design program or measuring tools do not produce a CSV file in the proposed format above please contact us at with a sample of your file or to discuss an alternative.

Thank you,
-- The ADACX Team