Priority update V4.1.1.9

A new priority release of ADACX is available for download at

- the geometry xml of moved objects was not being updated on export
- update feature was not working on some features
- minor bug fixes

We are aware of a few issues with the tree view and dialog in general that we are working on at the moment.
We will be updating the zoom to feature tool to have a toggle on/off to be automatic.

Feel free to use the site support system to log issues, this will also be a good place to check if others have already reported a bug and you can see the progress.

For any feature requests please use the site forums, we have created a special section there just for requests.
If you have any topic in general you think could benefit other users you can create a thread in the forum as well. We do receive notification of new posts and topics.
We are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have with ADACX and how to get the most out if it.

-- The ADACX Team.