ADACX - News and Updates

A new priority release of ADACX is available for download at

- the geometry for complex multi-patch areas was not being read in properly, this has been fixed.

- We have created some preliminary feature labeling tools to aid in the preparation of printed documentation. These still require a bit of work but will give you an idea of where we are headed with these tools to make you ADAC documentation and all-in-one process using ADACX. There are various combinations and settings to configure how and what is to be shown in each label for particular feature types. We look forward to any feedback or suggestions with these tools so if you like you can post a question/suggestion in the forums and we'll address it asap.
- To help set up label styles and configurations we have developed a new 'Settings' dialog. This dialog will also be the place for ADACX system settings along with label styles and schema settings for future and additional schemas. Each schema will have its own settings folder/config set up so you will be able to set up your config for each client or council and share these with other users.

Damian Harkin recently presented ADACX and Bricscad at the last SSSi seminar at the end of November last year and reported some good feedback from users and garnered some good information about where ADAC is heading for the future.
For more information about SSSi head to
2016 looks like it will be a busy year for us, along with the labeling tools and other productivity tools we are also working on the ADAC 4.2 schema which will phase out 4.1 later this year. We will be rebuilding the main dialog with a better layout and tools and updating the website with more help documentation.

We take our customers concerns very seriously so if you are having any trouble, concerns or requests to make ADACX better or just to get up to speed with best practices, please feel free to call Mick Duprez on 0417 029 459 during business hours.

For any general feature requests please use the site forums, we have created a special section there just for requests.
If you have any topic in general you think could benefit other users you can create a thread in the forum as well. We do receive notification of new posts and topics.
We are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have with ADACX and how to get the most out if it.

Wishing you all the best for the new year!
-- The ADACX Team.