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ADACX - AutoCAD version now available!

Hi All,

We are happy to announce we have completed a build of ADACX that now works with AutoCAD.
It's now available from the downloads page, just install as usual and the steps are the same as for Bricscad for setup etc.

This is the first release and although we have done a lot of testing there will no doubt be some edge cases we have missed and if you do find them please let us know and we'll get onto it straight away.

If you have any questions feel free to call Mick on 0417 029 459.

-- The ADACX Team

ADACX with AutoCAD

Good morning/afternoon All,
We are receiving more and more requests for an AutoCAD version of ADACX and we thought we would send out a quick letter to get an idea on how many of our users (and potential users) would be interested if we went ahead with the development for such a version.