ADACX For AutoCAD Update!

Critical Fixes for AutoCAD Version
We've had a bit of a battle with the new AutoCAD version of ADACX but we've finally got a handle on the issues and have now released a new version with some critical fixes.
Both the Bricscad and AutoCAD version are now in sync code wise so both work identically on each platform.
If you previously tried the AutoCAD version and had issues, please download the latest version and give it a go and feel free to send us any feedback, we'd like to hear from you.

ADACX no longer supports ADAC 4.1 Schema
It has been over a year since the introduction of the ADAC 4.2 schema and from what we know, most councils are using ADAC 4.2.
Removing the 4.1 version makes development a lot easier for now but we hope to make ADACX more flexible in future to 'plug-in' different schema as required.
Until then, if you still need to use 4.1, contact us and we can set you up to have both versions installed side by side with the caveat that the 4.1 version will be the last stable release (

-- The ADACX Team