Bricscad Roadshow / New scripting engine!

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Would you like to see how BricsCAD can make a difference to your productivity and your bottom line?

Have a look into the Bricscad Roadshow coming up in April with presentations held in both New Zealand and Australia (Melbourne, Sydney then Brisbane).
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ADACX will also have a presentation spot at the Brisbane event on the 19th of April where we will do a short demo and talk about future features and the philosophy behind ADACX and application development with BricsCAD. After the presentations we will be available for questions.
For booking details of the Brisbane event:-
Hope to see you there!

** New Scripting Engine - Coming Soon! **
A new scripting engine will be built into the next release of ADACX that will enable both BricsCAD, AutoCAD and ADACX to be scripted in the user friendly Python programming language!
This will enable end users to create simple text based automation scripts to automate not only ADACX but also BricsCAD/AutoCAD. There will be full support for anything available in the Microsoft .Net Framework and the host CAD application all without the need to worry about compilers and special editing software. Just write and place your script in the special plugins folder, load and run.
This really is a pretty big deal! For example, it will allow end users to write their own custom scripts to automate ADAC feature creation/editing using data exported from surveying equipment, calculations or other drawings or just to automate their general CAD work flow as needed. It will be a real time saver!

If you have any questions or would like more information on either the BricsCAD Roadshow or ADACX feel free to email Mick at or call on 0417 029 459 during business hours.

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-- The ADACX Team