ADACX Update V4.2.0.7 - Installer for Bricscad and AutoCAD

Season's Greetings All,

There is a recommended update available for ADACX that includes some bug and UI fixes with some general house cleaning before we release the new version for ADAC V5 early next year.


We've also added the Python scripting engine with a couple of samples (enter IPY_LOAD to load the sample plugins). This is still in its early stages but if you have some basic programming experience and want to dig in feel free to call Mick on 0417 029 459 to get a heads up on how it all works.
The premise behind this is to allow end users to create their own 'plugins' to automate common BricsCAD/AutoCAD and ADACX tasks without us having to build a new version of ADACX.
Once we get a few more samples together we will produce some 'quick start' help documentation so you can start automating ADACX to suit your workflows. We will also be offering a coding service to produce any custom plugins you may need to get your ADAC or CAD work out quicker.

All the best for the New Year!
-- The ADACX Team