ADACX Update - ADAC V5.0.1 available now!


Hi All,
This is a major update that includes the latest ADAC schema V5.0.1 (for BricsCAD and AutoCAD up to V19 and V20 respectively), it also includes many fixes under the hood to improve stability, usability and make it easier to add new schema very easily in the future.

It is highly recommended you install this latest upgrade by either using the 'unins000.exe' file in the ADACX folder or simply delete the whole ADACX folder completely (this won't hurt your license or current CAD settings).
Even if you have recently downloaded the previous version, take the 5 minutes to install the latest version so you're up to date.

The toolbar and menu along with the new ribbon tab have been updated to have ADACX launching buttons for ADAC versions 4.1, 4.2 and 5.0.1.
To use a specific version, start the CAD host then select the version you wish to work on for this CAD session. To change versions, restart the CAD application and select the new version.

If you have any issues feel free to call Mick on 0417 029 459 during business hours.

Stay well!
-- the ADACX Team