ADACX - Update Available

This is a critical update for some machines, most have been working ok but we have had an occurrence of crashing Bricscad when trying to create a feature with ADACX.
This has been fixed in this release.

Latest Development:
We have made changes to the zoom function that zooms to features when selected in the drawing or from the tree, you will be able to zoom to features as a separate task and will have a setting for zoom factor so you have more control of how and when you zoom.
We are currently working on annotation Placards at the moment to allow you to annotate the drawing as you create ADAC features, this should be ready in a week or so, stay tuned.
We are also working on automating the creation of features from a Stringer Survey drawing. You will also be able to use other drawings that have completed line work ready to go on the correct layers.

Don't forget, we now have a new forum and support system and Damian has been busy building the help documentation so take a look and let us know what you think or need.

Best Regards,
-- The ADACX Team