View and edit ADAC features

View, Edit and Update Features

In the ADACX feature explorer we can select any ADAC asset feature.
ADACX zooms in to that item, and displays the asset data ready for editing.

ADACX in action

Create Data Rich Drawings

We can use ADACX alongside our usual drafting procedures to create over 65 types of data-rich features ready for export.
We can add, edit and update...

ADACX V15 is available (priority!)

Hi All,
Due to some great feedback from our users and the varying set ups of the receiving entities we have come across a few bugs and limitations of ADACX.
As a result we've done quite a bit of work to resolve these issues and get back up to speed.

There are some brief comments on the ADACX download page for this latest PRIORITY release -

Update Version

This version fixes a bug when updating feature data that was causing an exception.

We've also added a more user friendly zoom control, you now have control of when and how to zoom to feature objects.

From now on we will be uploading both the full installer for new installations of ADACX and simple Update patches for existing installations with each update.
So if you have already installed ADACX, just choose the 'Update' file which simply updates the necessary files rather than a full install.

New to Bricscad?

If your new to Bricscad you may be finding it a bit difficult to 'get around' or take advantage of all the features you may need in your day to day drafting activities.

Fortunately, Bricsys have created their own TV channel page with a swag of video tutorials and articles to get you up to speed quickly.
Well worth a look!

Here's the link -> BricsysTV